John Kim

The Senior Developer Scam

John Sung Kim 4 min read Follow @JohnSungKim Think you found a great software developer for “cheap” on a marketplace or thru email spam? Unless you know how to code, it’s likely you’re going to get scammed. Here’s why – There’s a wave of scammers paying...

March 24, 2020
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Kevin Lin Lee

Building a new food CPG company in public. Prev. Principal at Pear VC, Founder of Product Manager HQ, PM AltSchool & Kabam. Encouraging others to become creators. Top 2 Lies Founders Tell VCs and more with Kevin Lin Lee Interview w/ VC & Founder Kevin Lin...

January 21, 2020
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What’s The Deal With Toptal?

John Sung Kim 3 min read Follow @JohnSungKim There was recently a lot of swirl around a co-founder lawsuit and disgruntled investors at TopTal, a freelancer marketplace that competes with UpWork and Fiverr. While I don’t agree with doing business this way, a startup has many...

September 11, 2019